The Right Editor for the Right Client

Note: Updated March 01, 2024

Most fiction authors have a solid understanding of how best to use the English language to their advantage. They dedicate countless hours, sleepless nights, and some hard-shed tears crafting a story that comes from the deepest parts of their souls.

The idea of turning over a manuscript to an editor, no matter how experienced, can be a terrifying thought. Writing—whether in fiction or nonfiction—is truly a labor of love, and authors showcase their passion for a topic (or story) through their unique grouping of words into a larger work.

However, as Evertise Digital points out, “[w]hile you can always self-edit, a professional editor can improve your writing in ways you never thought possible, provided you can find one that best fits your book.”

Trying to establish a niche in the editing world is a challenge in and of itself. For every genre you can come up with, there are probably 100 subgenres within it. It can be hard to carve out a little corner for yourself.

Like the library I spent a majority of my childhood in, my own personal library is separated between fiction and nonfiction. That’s where the division ends because the books are only sorted alphabetically. I have biographies next to creative self-help books next to sociological and psychological studies, fantasy next to mysteries next to young adult romance. I keep an eclectic group for a simple reason: it shows the authors what I tend to read the most.

Though I may read a lot, if I were to break down my digital and physical library into categories, the books more often than not fall into the following categories:

  • LGBTQIA+ Romance
  • Psychological Thriller
  • Military/Espionage Thriller

I understand genre conventions and expectations. I understand the power of the right theme and message. And I understand how important it is for authors to bring the story in their heads to the page that their readers will eventually see.

I chose fiction writing coaching, fiction manuscript evaluation, and fiction developmental editing so I can be the first eyes on a manuscript. Now, it’s time for me to find the right client. Do you think you might be that client? Reach out to me and let’s see if we can’t start reflecting your story one word at a time!

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