Call Me “St. Assisi”

Photo by Mark Coenraads  on Pexels

August 1

“Lena, her gums are gray.”

“Fuck. I’m so sorry, babe.”

Daisy watched her best friend of over two decades head away in search of the vet, then turned back to the still-too-thin beagle who trailed up her driveway during a downpour only three-and-a-half months ago.

Heavy breathing, mouth wide open trying to suck in pure oxygen that just would not cooperate. Deep brown eyes seeing into Daisy’s soul. She hoped Medusa knew that Daisy did her very best to save her. More so, Daisy hoped Medusa knew how much the beautiful dog saved her.

“Thank you for trusting me. I hope I did you proud.”

August 8

“Daisy, we have Medusa’s remains ready for you.”


The brown-and-gold tin is placed atop a bookshelf, collar hanging over it, molded footprint leaning against it. Medusa would have her Forever Home.

September 5

Lena: Would you be open to fostering a dog? She’s about nine months, and the woman who has her is threatening to dump her on the side of the road.

Lena: The original owner had to give her up due to extenuating circumstances. The woman says the dog is driving her other dogs crazy, and that she can’t stay.

Daisy: Bring the dog to me. Just call me St. Assisi, because clearly my house is a safe haven for wayward animals.

September 6, Morning

Daisy: Would the original owner care if I changed her name?

Lena: You’re keeping her?

Daisy: Couldn’t give her up if I wanted to. That lady’s dogs were going crazy because Anna is in heat. I’m getting her spayed as soon I can.

Lena: The original owner got the dog for his daughter, who was obsessed with Frozen. He knows he can’t take her back, so yeah, feel free to rename her.

September 6, Morning

“You’re lucky you’re cute. Guess your name is Haven now.”

January 8

Daisy: You know, sometimes I wish I’d never rescued Haven…

Lena: Why? She not getting along with the puppers anymore?

Daisy: She fits like a key in a lock. Just some days, I wish Medusa had made it through her heartworm treatment. She deserved better.

Lena: You gave her what were probably the best 100 days of her life.

Daisy: I know. …But still.

Lena: Yep. I know.

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