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Welcome to Sage Editing

Hi, I’m Shannon, and
I’m obsessed with the craft of writing and storytelling!

At Sage Editing, I take an active approach to providing 30+ years of experience in the writing and editing field, especially as a fiction writer myself. I can aid in improving your writing craft and storytelling capabilities while giving you a shoulder to lean on when the weight of revising feels like too heavy a burden.

So what exactly can you expect that’s different from every other writing coach and editor?


I’m aiming to become a go-to resource for indie and self-publishing authors in the LQBTQ+ romance and LGBTQIA+ romantic suspense genres.


Sage Editing’s central mission is to contribute to quality storytelling through good writing skills and in-depth knowledge of fiction writing principles.


Collaboration. Investment.
Education. Transparency.

If you’re looking for a mentor, collaborator, and all-around defender of the Oxford comma, you’ve come to the perfect place.

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