Being addicted to the art and craft of writing and storytelling, my services are geared toward aiding you in “reflecting on your story one word at a time!”

When you pour your heart and soul onto a page, all you want is for it to be as polished as possible before sending it out into the wide world.

I value the importance of the written word. As such, I work with self-publishing and independent authors in their efforts to share the stories they create. Here at Sage Editing, I put that passion into collaborating with you, smoothing out your writing skills and storytelling skills individually or together.

Through fiction story coaching, fiction developmental editing, and fiction manuscript evaluation, I support you as you shape your story into the best version of itself.

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My focus is on contemporary LGBTQIA+ romance and LGBTQIA+ romantic suspense fiction. I work on other genres on a case-by-case basis. You can book your free consultation on each service page listed in the main menu.

I also offer nonfiction line/copyediting services, focusing on business, technical or military documentation, and proposal writing.


I do not provide editorial services for the following genres or with the following content. If your manuscript falls in one of these categories, or contains any of the listed content, I truly thank you for considering Sage Editing, but I will not be able to assist you in your editorial needs. I know editors who do and will be more than happy to provide a referral.


  • High or Contemporary Fantasy
  • Contemporary Urban Fantasy
  • Magical Realism
  • Poetry


  • Excessive On-page Physical Torture or Violence
  • Excessive On-page Drug Use
  • Stereotypes Of or Against Marginalized Groups
  • Dubious/Nonconsensual Consent
  • On-page Sexual Violence/Assault
  • Hauntings or Graphic Horror

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