Author Resources

Feel like you need professional editing but don’t necessarily have the budget? Want to clean up your manuscript between drafts or before you do hire a professional editor?

I have a true passion for language and how it can be used efficiently and effectively to tell the best story possible. I also understand that not everyone may share my passion to that extent. I offer these resources to help you along your writing and editing journey.

Here’s what you can find under the Author Resources menu:

  • Editing Terminology: Although there is no real consensus on the “true” definitions of these terms, there’s general agreement over their principles.
  • Craft Books: On a monthly rotation, I’ll list two craft books for you to peruse. There will be ThriftBooks, Bookshop, and Amazon links in case you’d like to grab your own copy.
  • Podcasts and Videos: I recognize that that are different ways of learning. For those who may be audible or visual learners, on a monthly rotation, I’ll highlight a writing- or editing-focused podcast episode and online video.

Please note, I am NOT an affiliate of any of the listed sites. I’m just one editor striving to spread the word about good storytelling.

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