About Me

I bring a 35-year love of the English language to my roles as a fiction story coach and developmental editor.

Flash fiction, short stories, novellas, or full-length stories, it makes no never mind to me. Working with words is my vocation and my avocation, my job and my deepest love.

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Working as your story coach, developmental editor, and manuscript evaluator, I collaborate with authors and bring their story vision to life by combining well-rounded characters, emotional conflicts, plausible plot events, and a truly satisfying ending that all fit together and accurately reflect the author’s intent while ensuring the reader has no choice but to continue reading page by page.

My book obsession started when I was four years old. Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, Ghostwriter. These are the cultural icons of the late ’80s and early ’90s that stoked my love of stories.

I was the preteen child under the covers with a flashlight sneaking one of my mom’s Harlequin novels to read each night. I was the child who spent whole days in their local library.

My fiction writing journey started in sixth grade, and nonfiction writing joined the team seven years later during my freshman year of college. The principles of good writing are the same across categories, even if the “rules” are unique to each one.

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Traveling these parallel paths throughout my life only deepened my love of writing, of stories, of how people both real and imagined have the power to change lives and the world. I spent hours upon hours in my local library, continually stoking the fire that would eventually propel me into the freelance editing world.

Editing and writing come naturally to me, so helping authors learn how to tell their own stories through both clear and concise writing, impactful emotion, and tension-riddled plots was the only path forward after over a decade spent in military technical documentation.

I graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Sociology, as well as a minor in Media Studies.

I’ve completed the University of Washington’s Certificate in Editing program. I’m currently working my way through the Club Ed Freelancer’s Certificate in Developmental Editing of Fiction program.

I’m constantly reading fiction writing and fiction editing craft books; enrolling in professional development seminars, courses, and writing classes; and participating in queer romance critique groups.

When you sign on as a Sage Editing client, you get someone who has been where you are. I’d be honored to guide you through the fiction writing process so your queer romance or queer romantic suspense story reflects your vision, or as close to it as we can get.

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