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How NaNoWriMo Changed Me as a Writer

The end of 2023’s Camp NaNoWriMo came six weeks ago. It was my first year participating. Check out this week’s article on how that participation affected my approach to fiction writing and the lessons you can think about applying to your own processes!

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Make Writing Prompts Work for You

There’s something special about writing prompts. Even for someone who primarily sticks with the editing side of the book publishing process, I find them vital to stirring up creativity. I provide a few ways to make them work best for authors, no matter their preferred genre.

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The Editing Process: Proofreading

The final stage of the editing process is proofreading. In this week’s article, I go just beneath the surface of this process, and why it’s so vital for authors to go through this prior to moving forward in their book publishing journey. While proofreaders focus on the smallest details, they can still help authors improve their story “one word at a time!”

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Niching: Genre Writing

Last week, I wrote about the importance of understanding your skill sets and abilities within the book editing process, and why I chose the specialties I did. This week, I cover the other side of the equation: genre writing. There are a few ways fiction authors can decide the subgenre that best fits their style and personalities. Read on to learn more!

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The Editing Process: Developmental Editing

Even best-selling authors have to go through the editing process, and it all starts with developmental editing. Follow me as I break down this initial step in the editing journey and introduces the key questions to be answered at this stage in the book publishing journey.

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